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How do I get tech support?

You are in the right place. Our web page is the best place to start. The first thing you should do is make sure that we have your registration information. We have added a form on the web page to let you register online.

Next, see if we've posted any update patches that you can download. Also, check the Known Problems page to see if we may have already posted information that may help solve your question.   If you want to know what changed in each version of ACE, please see our Change History page.

We now have newsgroups hosted on our own server. The old newsgroups that were hosted by PacificaNet.Net have been closed since mid Sept 2000.

We also try to check the Borland newsgroups several times a day during business hours. The news server is The best section to post to is the Reporting or the Third Party forums.

Our internet email address is Please do not send any large file attachments (over 500K) unless we specifically ask for them. Don't send any files over 2mb even if we ask for them unless you've warned us of the size. If we ask about a printer driver, please give us information on the version you have and where to download the driver, DO NOT email us any printer drivers unless we specifically tell you to email it.

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